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Emma Faye was a dream to work with on my Lela Trilogy. As soon as I listened to her samples, I knew she would be the perfect voice for my main character and story. I was so thrilled when she agreed to work together. I provided the additional challenge of having a multiple POV male/female first person narrative, and she expertly crafted distinct voices for all the characters, including accents…and a talking unicorn. She did it all so splendidly and gave warmth and personality to the audiobook version of my series. I highly recommend her!

Tessonja Odette, Shadows of Lela Trilogy and Princess of Thorns Novella

Working with Emma (Faye) is like a breath of fresh air. She’s sweet, easy going, and nothing short of professional. I mostly appreciated her passion for my book and her understanding of my voice as a writer. As far as narrators go, she’s a keeper!

Jessie Cal, USA Times Best Selling Author,
Disarray Series, The Anomalous Secret & Queen of Snow

Emma Faye did an outstanding job on my audiobook (To Veil A Fondness) taking it far beyond what I imagined. I may have wrote the novella but she brought every diverse character to life, narrating with such eloquence and charm. I loved it. I cannot wait to have her narrate for me again. I need to write faster haha. Emma is superb, I had absolutely no revisions or requests to change anything. If you want an outstanding audiobook, Emma is your gal.

EA Shanniak, To Veil A Fondness

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