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The super talented Emma Faye knocked this book out of the park! She is by far the best narrator ever. She is able to capture these characters essence so profoundly it makes my jaw hit the floor every time. Thank you so very much Emma (Faye) for narrating another book of mine. There aren’t words enough to express my gratitude

EA Shanniak, To Hide A Treasure

Emma Faye was a dream to work with on my Lela Trilogy. As soon as I listened to her samples, I knew she would be the perfect voice for my main character and story. I was so thrilled when she agreed to work together. I provided the additional challenge of having a multiple POV male/female first person narrative, and she expertly crafted distinct voices for all the characters, including accents…and a talking unicorn. She did it all so splendidly and gave warmth and personality to the audiobook version of my series. I highly recommend her!

Tessonja Odette, Shadows of Lela Trilogy and Princess of Thorns Novella

Working with Emma (Faye) is like a breath of fresh air. She’s sweet, easy going, and nothing short of professional. I mostly appreciated her passion for my book and her understanding of my voice as a writer. As far as narrators go, she’s a keeper!

Jessie Cal, USA Today Best Selling Author,
Disarray Series, The Anomalous Secret & Queen of Snow

Emma Faye did an outstanding job on my audiobook (To Veil A Fondness) taking it far beyond what I imagined. I may have wrote the novella but she brought every diverse character to life, narrating with such eloquence and charm. I loved it. I cannot wait to have her narrate for me again. I need to write faster haha. Emma is superb, I had absolutely no revisions or requests to change anything. If you want an outstanding audiobook, Emma is your gal.

EA Shanniak, To Veil A Fondness

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